Sustainable running wear for women & inspiring training plans

Designed for women. Made in Europe.
In love with nature.

Focus on sustainability

We have developed our running clothing together with female runners like you. We are offering you two collections: Running wear made of natural and recyceld fibers. Both of them follow a different sustainable approach in their production.

Running is our passion. That’s why we asked ourselves how we can create the best running feeling for you. With our fabrics you don’t have to worry about the environment. Your body is supported in the best possible way and ensures a pleasent running experience.

Recycled materials

Our collection is made of up to 100% recycled materials. We are working on producing fabrics that can be recycled to complete the cycle of recyclable materials. The goal is to support you to run in the best possible and environmentally friendly way.

Organic fabrics

In the future, our greatest goal is to produce a durable fabric made of purely natural fibres that is compostable. We are working with organic fabrics based on Lyocell and merino wool for a special wearing comfort, prevention of odour formation and a well-functioning climate management.